Value of a Servant

An Apostolic Pentecostal with a burden to serve, but no clue how. My thoughts and rambles

Bible Studies

The Waters

The polar nature of water has served as a symbol of His judgement and mercy throughout history. Much like water has both a positive and negative charge, water has always had a twofold connection to life and death in a spiritual sense.

A bible study on Noah and the Acts:2:38 salvation process.

The God that Won’t Let Go

God marks the road of redemption with billboard signs directing us straight to Him.

An analysis of David’s time in the Philistine army

Habakkuk: Wrestling and Embracing God

Habakkuk confronts one of the universal questions of humanity: If God is a loving God, why does he allow bad things to happen?

My personal testimony of God’s guidance in the midst of my questioning.


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Acting like Esau

At times I allow the distractions of life to interfere with my walk with God; meanwhile, I became spiteful towards others walking into their promise land despite voluntarily given up my own.

At times, I am an Esau. But I have no intentions of staying that way.


Sometimes, God isolates us so he can speak through the silence. He turns off the lights of our life, so we can learn to trust him in the dark. Silence is often a necessary part of our growing process with the Lord. It allows us to become more sensitive to his will and word.

Questions and Covid

The Lord is a great healer, waymaker and provider. But how do we continue to believe whenever all we see in the world is disease, chaos and pain?

A short commentary of Habakkuk

Living up to Exponential Expectations

Christians have a habit of comparing ones walk with God to another. We believe if someone has a deeper understanding, that means we are not doing enough.
And attempting to live up to ever increasing expectations can be overwhelming at times.


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